State Historical Museum

State Historical Museum (Red Square, Moscow) –

this museum, located on the opposite end of Red Square from St. Basil’s Cathedral, lives in the latter’s shadow for most visitors to the Russian capital. Yet it has a strikingly broad and deep collection of exhibits ranging across the millennia and Eurasian history, in addition to its focus on Russian history and culture.

The history of Russia from the most ancient times to the beginning of XX century is presented on two levels in 39 halls. The manuscript collections of the Museum are amongst the most important ones in the world for the study of early Russian culture. Its red brick building, designed in 1874 by Vladimir Shervud, is an excellent example of Russian revival style, incorporating motifs from Muscovite architecture.

Admission: RUB 300 (adult visitors & foreign tourists), RUB 100 (full-time Russian students and foreign students. Hours: 10 am – 6 pm (Monday, Wednesday – Sunday) (closed on Tuesday)