Bunker 42 Cold War Museum

Bunker 42 Cold War Museum (Building 11, 5th Kotelnichesky lane, Moscow) — Located an ear-popping 60 meters below the streets of Moscow, Bunker 42 is an absolute must for anyone interested in the Cold War and the shady past of the USSR. The 7000 meters2 complex was completed in the 1960s and originally designed to house officials from the Ministry of Defence in the event of a nuclear attack, but has since been converted into a fascinating museum on one of the most intriguing eras of modern times. The entry fee includes a tour of the bunker’s expansive tunnels, the chance to survey some period weapons and communications equipment, and a showing of an enlightening video about the tensions between the USSR and the USA. Bear in mind that is essential to book in advance via the Bunker 42 website.